06 novembro, 2009

Freedrom for who deserve

Through the ages, different people have been suffering because of oppression.

Tortures, castrations, black rooms, blackmails, prejudice, forced wars, imposed rules. Here we have some ways of oppression, and all over the globe is posible to see people who have the knowlogde and the power to oppress using it to impose themselves over people or groups.

If we analisy humanity´s history we will see slavery all over the ages.

All big civilizations had used slaves to build up their imperiums. And had used war to dominate other groups and protect themselves from others. But all them saw the caos and the colapse. They fail over the proposal of impose.

Thinking about dominant´s point of view. Must be very hard to dominate something.
Imagine the big imperiums, how they did to built up a system that every dominate should be completely integrate on their logic. I mean, how powerful a society must be to impose their rules over another and, after that, aggregate their people over a set of moral and social rules differente from their culture.

Is funny to see America fighting over Pakistan/Afeghanistan.
How a country has suffering an intervention from a outsider on very agressive levels. Over years America has being a pain on the ass for a lot of country´s. They say to you what to do with your money, with your educational system, with your political system, with your energy system, with your social moral and so on. The incrediable of it is, if you no follow them, they attack you. As they doing on Asia. As they did with whole latin america over the 60´s, 70´s, 80´s, 90´s and still on...

But nowadays people have different weapons to fight back.
We weapons aren´t made on the same material they produce their.
The weapons are the knowlodge create to comunicate, and is putting everyone on network and connected to fight back the suffering oppression. It start with the pirate papers. After that, pirate radio. We getting the pirate internet. But to complet the network people must integrate this pirate internet and, if posible, create a pirate television. Then, people over oppression will be able to organise and create something new. Those comunication systems are extremely importants, not only, but because the busy day to day environment of the labor class. Work for obligation and money for salvation are daily tasks. The tonight´s dinner people get with the morning shift.

We must explore more the internet. Make it part of our lives. Replacing television. Giving people control of what they really want and forcing them to take a attitude toward it.

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