23 janeiro, 2015

The good impression we left on the way

Since we young, generally people advice us to be polite and gentle to others.
They tell us say hello, to be pleased all the time, to thank the opportunities and to farewell nicely.
Although we keep a good relation since we beginning, the goal of all this is to keep good impressions at the end of our relations. We are polite to people who are around us now, to turn to be a good memory in the hearts in the future. The politer we are, be better we will be remembered.
But it is not all about being polite. We must be kind too.
According to the culture you are involved, different gestures of kindness will be demand.
It is for the greeting, for the excuse, for the gratefulness and for the farewell. There are a set of words and gestures that will mark you as a kind person.
Of course, not every person will remind you as a kind person. Some people might notice you because of your smell or your looking. They might remember you because of a hat or a jaquet you were. It is out of your control to decide how people are going to remember you. Every person has a different background, which is the fundamental tool to determine qualities and reasons.
However, it is important to try your best to touch people. Being kind is the first step. That is mandatory to unlock the key of the heart your are intending to touch. Once you touched it, does not matter the way it will end. Good thinking about you will be always be part of the other person.
I am thankful to everyone who was kind to me and fulfilled my heart with good memories!  

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