06 julho, 2009

Blue sky

I really don´t care where I am.
No matter the wheater, I´m happy like a pig in the mud.

Of course I love the nature and I prefere thousands times more live near of my primitive condition then the new post-modern-x-generation-human being.
The multi-technological man, ready to listen his favorite song anywhere, or eat anykind he want at anytime he wish, doesn´t fancy me. The simple urban man is not myself.

I want something beyond this. Something bigger, but material lighter. Something that fits in mind but open new world doors. I want the expansive way of think, putting myself at the condition of feel different realities in the same body.
After feel, I wish to understand.
And then, after all, I wish to act in the same way. Making things right to everyone around. Mostly to people who walk in the same velocity and direction as mine. My friends, my family.

I really don´t care where I am.
Only with who I am.

The sky has different forms.
But always there, above the clouds
It is blue, just blue.

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